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Field and Valizan would like to give special thanks to Joharah of BellyUpBellyDance studio for her  
unwavering support and encouragement of all our ATS dance endeavors.  Become a Fan of her studio Facebook page.  

Valizan's Teaching Locations:
BellyUpBellyDance - Oakville, ON
Dark Side Studio - Toronto, ON
Blue Skies Yoga - Kitchener, ON
Studio Oasis - Stratford, ON
Ancient Moves - Brantford, ON
Our Costuming Favorites:
Our Creative Friends:
Great Lakes Scenic Studios - theatrical construction
Antionette Design - Erika's fine silver jewelry
Magpie Creations - Maral's jewelry and costuming 
PhotoMonger - Diana's beautiful photography
Stellar Magpie - Sarah's sparkly stuff
Some of Our Favorite Dancers:
Belly Belly Hip - Vancouver, BC
Devyani Dance Company - Irondale, AL
Euphraxia - Buffalo, NY
FatChanceBellyDance - San Francisco, CA
     Carolena Nericcio's blog 
Gypsy Caravan - Portland, OR
    Paulette Rees-Denis' blog
Heavy Hips - Santa Cruz, CA
Mandala Tribal - Seattle, WA
    Sharon 'Shay' Moore's blog
Manhattan Tribal - New York, NY
Read My Hips - Chicago, IL
Sophia Tribal - Chippewa Valley, WI
The Indigo - San Francisco, CA
Tribal Unity - Essex, UK
Ultra Gypsy - San Francisco, CA
Unmata - Sacremento, CA
Westchester Tribal - Tarrytown, NY
Wild Card Belly Dance - Anta Rosa, CA