Dial up your dance skills to the next level and have fun doing it!  Valizan will host his daily ATS classes in the morning sunshine of the terrace.  His engaging classes are guaranteed to get your energy flowing and your face smiling! 
We'll begin the week with a review of the American Tribal Style vocabulary.  Based on the overall skill level of the participants, every class will have a particular focus;  fast moves for lively music or slow sensuous movements for more ethereal pieces,  dynamic movements for duets or exciting combinations for larger groups.  Under Valizan's insightful guidance you will be sure to discover a new subtle nuance to nearly any ATS move. 
In the evenings, we will light up the terrace lanterns and dance under the stars!  We’ll have group improvisational dance time available each night for us to enjoy.  While there won't be any formal instruction going on, this time is intended to be a relaxed gathering to share our favorite ATS dance music, drill our skills and basically have a good time dancing together!  Feel free to dance as much as you want or sit back and simply observe.