During our stay in Marrakech we will break into smaller groups for our guided shopping tours of the souks.  The winding labyrinth of shops can seem bewildering but are a feast for the eyes.  Shops tend to be small and goods are usually piled from floor to ceiling, often spilling out into the walkways.  Just remember, haggling over the selling price is a game to be played with a smile!
Prior to our departure, I'll consult with our guides to design a tour of the souks which will satisfy all of our tribal bellydance costuming needs.  When you complete your registration form, there will be a questionaire to indicate which costuming items you are most interested in shopping for:
  • Garments to be used as cover-ups such as tunics, long sleeved Jellabas or short sleeved Ganouras.
  • Footwear such as leather sandals or Moroccan slippers, called Babouches.
  • Costuming components such as shells or beads made from resin, glass, wood or bone. 
  • Textiles such as pashmina wraps, yard goods or decorative trims.  
  • Woolen or silken tassels or braided Mozuna ropes with shining metal discs. 
  • Contemporary Moroccan jewelry designed with a tribal esthetic, often in white metal and resin beads.
  • Traditional silver Berber and Tuareg jewelry with high silver content and often incorporating enamel work and semi-precious stones. 

If you think of some other tribal costuming element you might like to look for while on your tour of the souks, feel free to contact me and let me know.