A great way to get to know a culture is through its food - and a great way for us to get to know each other is to have a Welcome dinner party upon our arrival in Marrakech.  The Riad's chef will prepare a savory selection of traditional Moroccan foods for us to enjoy.  We will intoduce ourselves as we are introduced to Moroccan cuisine!    Kesra, harira, b'stilla, tagine with couscous...it's all so good; especially when it is served up with pots of sweet mint tea.
Midweek, fresh seafood will be the order of the day as we journey to the seaside town of Essaouira.  After exploring the pictuesque port with its massive sandy beach, we will meet up at the legendary Cafe Taros. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean this interesting complex includes a library, boutique, art gallery, lounge and restaurant.  The talented chefs serve up a wonderful mix of Moroccan and French foods.  Our group will dine from the delicious selections on their prix fixe menu before returning to Marrakech for the night.
On our final evening at the Riad, the fiery glow of twilight will give way to a starlit sky and we'll celebrate our week together with a festive Departure Hafla.  Once again we will savor a Moroccan feast illuminated by fabulous twinkling lanterns.  We will be entertained into the night by a local dancer and musicians while spontaneous shimmies are sure to ensue!
Please note, these three dinner parties are included in your holiday package, but exclude the cost of drinks.  Participants may pay for wine, beer or spirits separately in local currency.
More information about local food & drink can be found in the FYI pages.